“Child-Man in the Promised Land”

On the prolonged adolescence of young men today (via Rod Dreher). It’s 1965 and you’re a 26-year-old white guy. You have a factory job, or maybe you work for an insurance broker. Either way, you’re married, probably have been for a few years now; you met your wife in high school, where she was in…

The Canonization of Isaac T. Hecker?

The Catholic Archdiocese of New York is now officially pushing for the canonization of Fr. Isaac Thomas Hecker (1819-1888), founder of the Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle (aka, the Paulists). Will it happen? No mention in any of these articles about Hecker’s association with “Americanism,” condemned by Pope Leo XIII in Testem benevolentiae…

Kreeft on Cats

From Mark Shea: Your questions, God’s answers QUESTION: Can demons possess cats? PETER KREEFT: Cats need no demons; they are already completely evil. — Peter Kreeft, Angels (and Demons), p. 123 For more Kreeftian insights, check out this.

“New England Pastor”

Shawn Brace and his dad (I haven’t asked, but I’m assuming his dad is Bill Brace) have a new magazine, hard copy and on-line: New England Pastor, for Adventist pastors in New England (and elsewhere).

CleanFlicks Founder Arrested

The guy who started CleanFlicks, which edited dirty words and pictures out of movies, and who ran a family video club after CleanFlicks was forced out of business, has been arrested. Seems all this was a cover for dirtier deeds. Update: Not true, says CleanFlicks! The journalists who reported this (and reported it, and reported…