The Graduation Racket

I can’t believe the high cost of high school graduation these days. $30 for the cap and gown. $25 for 25 invitations (invitation and two envelopes). Another $25 if you want little name cards to put inside. Another $7.50 if you want tissue paper to put inside. The boy’s letter jacket was around $160. The senior pictures were another couple of hundred. Then there’s the SAT cost ($43). College application fees. I suppose he’ll want a graduation party and presents.

And we haven’t even mentioned whether he will go to senior prom.

4 thoughts on “The Graduation Racket

  1. You’re being far too pessimistic. You should have written it like this:

    Cap and gown: $30
    25 invitations (invitation and two envelopes): $25 Little name cards to put inside: $25
    Tissue paper to put inside: $7.50
    Letter jacket: $160
    Senior pictures: $200
    SAT cost: $43
    Getting the kid out of the house: Priceless.

  2. We had to pay a $190.00 senior fee- this includes the cap and gown, a senior breakfast cost and a senior picnic cost. Since the HSPVA graduation is at the George R. Brown convention center, I guess that price also includes a little help to offset the cost of space rental.

    The prom is $89.00 per person.

    Then we got a little booklet of prices for invitations, cards, keychains, you name it- none of which we are buying. And did you see the cost of class rings??? For a 10K gold ring, the prices were 400 plus. We didn’t get one of them either.

    In addition to application fees for colleges, there is also the cost of actually visiting to see if the school measures up. We just came back from a trip I am so glad we took. Via Website and phone calls the place was seeming to be a very good fit. The fact that they were offering high dollar merit scholarships also sounded might nice. Once we got there we realized the power of Internet marketing-the place is not at all like what the admissions folks and faculty describe. Not exactly a bait and switch- just administration wanting the school to be a whole lot better than it really is.

  3. Now you can see why we were always so broke raising 6 of you!

    I loved Jim’s comment – had a hearty laugh at that one!

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