“An Evil Program” that Trains Young People “How to Murder”?

That’s how John Dear, SJ, describes high school ROTC.

When I was in high school ROTC, I recall being taught military history, drill, first aid, map reading, and the use of the M1903 Springfield rifle (bolt action, single shot). Murder wasn’t in the syllabus.

He says it is “shocking and scandalous” that a priest would be a military chaplain in Iraq or West Point. He doesn’t want priests teaching ethics or morality.

The problem is not chaplains teaching ethics or morality–problems arise when they don’t teach these subjects.

Dear doesn’t just want individual Christians to be noncombatants, he wants to eliminate militaries and weapons from the world. Does he also want to eliminate police forces? As long as there is sin, there will be need for the use of force–and scripture says this is in accordance with God’s will (Romans 13). Christians may choose not to participate, but no where does Scripture call on Christians to seek to take away police and military powers from secular governments.

4 thoughts on ““An Evil Program” that Trains Young People “How to Murder”?

  1. That is powerful Bill. As Christians we are constantly drawn into situations where the ideal is in conflict with the reality of the situation. You are clearly the realist. There are other situations where the ideal we are called to live as Christians, that is promotors of justice and peace, has suffered in the name of realpolitik. I am thinking of the silence of Pius XII and the official Church during the Holocaust. Pius’ defenders make great points about his situation, however we are called to speak out regardless of the consequences in the face of great evil.

  2. I’ll have a longer blog upcoming about some of these issues, based on my sermon yesterday. I don’t see it a matter of “realism” or “idealism”–it’s a matter of recognizing what is God’s and what is Caesar’s.

    No, no plans to blog on the new SJ superior, I haven’t been paying any attention to that.

  3. I agree with Bill with regards to recognizing what is God’s and what is Caesar’s. God thinks of everything, isn’t it? It’s amazing as to how the Bible continues to be very relevant even in this day and age.

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