Out and About

Andrew had the day off school, so we went into town. First stop, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, which had an interesting exhibit on Islamic calligraphy (including a mid-7th century page of the Qur’an). Then we went a couple of blocks away to Holocaust Museum Houston, where I showed him the Eugenics/Euthanasia exhibit and the new Danish boat exhibit (monument to the fact that when religious leaders spoke out, lives were saved). Next stop, downtown, where we took note of the progress on the new cathedral and then did some exploring of the downtown tunnel system (he felt he was missing something since he had never seen them). We stopped by Holy Cross Chapel, where we said hello to Fr. Michael Barrett, my former spiritual director.

One thought on “Out and About

  1. No Holocause museum in Ireland yet. But went to the Chester Beaty lib. the other day. Best collection of manuscrips out there, some of the earliest examples of the NT. And all the gift to the Irish state from an American. Great Islamic and Hindu texts too.

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