The Empire Strikes Back

The National Academy of Sciences is going on the offensive against “creationists” with a new booklet and book defending evolutionary theory. I think it important to note that they see no “middle ground” between atheistic Darwinian evolution and creationism–even “theistic evolution” (what Michael Behe means by “Intelligent Design”) is dismissed as just another variety of “creationism.”

Update: Discovery Institute responds.

2 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back

  1. Did you read the booklet? I just finished it (it’s surprisingly brief), and I don’t see anywhere where theistic evolution is dismissed as creationism, nor does the booklet equate evolution with atheism. It does say on page 5:

    “Many scientists have written eloquently about how their scientific studies of biological evolution have enhanced rather than lessened their religious faith. And many religious people and denominations accept the scientific evidence for evolution.”

  2. You are referencing the 8 page summary; I’m referring to a section in the full 80+ page book, specifically page s 52-53, where both theistic evolution (“intelligent design”) and young earth creationism are both “Creationism.” The folks described in the sentences you quote are no doubt those who accept a Deistic watchmaker God. A God who doesn’t dirty his hands isn’t much of a God, I suggest. I really don’t see a whole lot of difference between atheism and belief in a God who doesn’t actually involve himself in his creation (or his own creative process). “Atheistic” means “without God”–and that’s what they’re advocating–an evolutionary process without divine guidance or intervention, explained only in terms of natural selection.

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