Postum is no more

C. W. Post’s grave in Battle Creek says, “The early bird gets the worm.” He was as early bird when he was a patient at Battle Creek Sanitarium, and used that time to learn from John Harvey Kellogg how to make flaked cereals and grain beverages. He gave his name to the latter, which he called “Postum.”

With no fanfare, Kraft Foods has ceased making Postum.  I have one jar to finish (unless I can grab a couple more off the Kroger shelf).

2 thoughts on “Postum is no more

  1. Our favorite coffee substitute is Roastaroma by Celestial Seasonings. (Ingredients: roasted barley, roasted chicory, roasted carob, cinnamon, allspice, star anise.) The fellow who turned us on to it used to be in Steppenwolf. Y’know that guitar riff on “Born to Be Wild” that goes “kank-karunk, karunkarunkarunka”? That’s him, a Roastaroma drinker.

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