2 thoughts on “Richard John Neuhaus on Podles

  1. I read the book over Christmas, despite the sickening accounts of abuse it was hard to put down. Honestly I found the analysis of the situation more interesting. Thanks, Bill, for bringing this to my attention. My attitude to the official church will never be the same.

  2. The discovery of antiseptics, accelerating with the discovery of antibiotics, anesthesia and the Cesarian operation though the 1900’s made extinct one previously large population:

    No more would the church know of the widower priest, the ‘white’ or widower bishop, the heterosexual man still in his working years who take leadership roles in the church.

    The sea has changed due to improved women’s health, but the old rules benefit the security and homosexual needs of the ‘ordained young and never married’ as the only clergy.

    The church rules can claim to be the same yesterday and today and tomorrow, but the church herself cannot make that any longer, as the clergy is no longer drawn from the same ranks including the widower.

    Married and monastic clergy at all ranks, a return to the roots of the church, is the only way to stay on the ‘root’ side, over against the ‘pruned’ side of the ‘true vine’.

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