2 thoughts on “Further Steps toward European Unity

  1. Yeah, a lot goes unnoticed by those in the U.S.
    Its easy to understand, quite a big place over there.

    But Im happy for this. Im in Hungary and feel that once someone joins the E.U. (which Hungary did in 2004) that all rights should be given upon entry. Border crossings, use of the Euro (which we wont have until 2010), etc.

    Not all of these silly little treaties that are add ons…whats the point of the E.U. if you have to adapt little parts bit by bit.

    Ah…slowly but surely

  2. The fact that the Brits will not implement immediatly makes life for travelers between Ireland and UK difficult. For the first time in history people moving between two may have to present passports. Even after independence people traveling from Ireland to UK did not have to present i.d. Even drivers licences were only used for security reasons on flights.

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