Princeton Hoax

I first linked to Kesher Talk for the story of a student at Princeton, Francisco Nava, who claimed to have been harassed and then attacked for his conservative views. Along with KT, I wondered if the university would call it a “hate crime,” or seek “understanding”?

It has been determined that the attack and the e-mails were a hoax. Francisco Nava wanted some attention.

One thought on “Princeton Hoax

  1. Egads! In the past, the library was open to all- it is now closed to everyone except students, faculty, alumni and others who have made arrangements to be allowed in. The dorms he references are also card key access only.

    Having visited there this past spring break as my daughter was checking out schools, I must say it’s not the place I knew 30 years ago, in many ways. Nonetheless, I have every confidence that the University will do their best to track down the cuplrits and denounce “hate” behavior.

    BTW- the Whitman dorms he mentions were recently completed and donated by a classmate of mine, Meg Whitman, who went on to start (and still runs) Ebay.

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