Sean Taylor’s Church

Terry Mattingly writes about Sean Taylor, the recently murdered Washington Redskins player. Those who knew Taylor well spoke of peace with God, of how he’d been walking with God the last many months. Mattingly had written of that before; there was a trace of cynicism in the reporting, and no details of what Taylor’s conversion experience might have entailed.

Mattingly returns to the subject, having seen Mark Kellner’s article in the Adventist Review, “Slain NFL Player Had Adventist Ties.” Taylor’s parents and grandparents are Seventh-day Adventists, and he had recently made the decision to re-embrace the faith of his youth at the Tabernacle Seventh-day Adventist Church in Miami. Becoming a father had changed his perspective. He was preparing to marry his daughter’s mother.

There are some snide (to me) remarks in Mattingly’s article distinguishing between “news writing” and “public relations” (by which he means denominational publications), yet he nevertheless allows that some of those PR people retain a few of the skills they learned while doing journalism, and this gives him the space to admit that there is some useful information in Kellner’s article that journalists should heed.

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