Catholic Bishops Criticize Vietnamese Theologian

The US Catholic bishops released a statement today critical of Fr. Peter Phan; he’s a priest of the Dallas diocese who teaches at Georgetown. CNS, John Allen.

On the uniqueness of Jesus, he has said, for example,

[O]ne may question the usefulness of words such as unique, absolute, and even universal to describe the role of Jesus as savior today. … [These terms] have outlived their usefulness and should be jettisoned and replaced by other, theologically more adequate equivalents.

On other religions:

Religious pluralism . . . is not just a matter of fact but also a matter of principle. That is, non-Christian religions may be seen as part of the plan of divine providence and endowed with a particular role in the history of salvation. They are not merely a “preparation” for, “stepping stones” toward, or “seeds” of Christianity and destined to be “fulfilled” by it. Rather, they have their own autonomy and their proper roles as ways of salvation, at least for their adherents.

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  1. I recently heard Fr. Phan speak here at the Austin (Presbyterian) Theological Seminary. “Significant ambiguity (cf, John Allen),” pretty much sums up what I heard.

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