Romney’s Faith

Mitt Romney will give a Mormonism speech, and folks are making JFK comparisons. But there’s a problem with those comparisons–JFK was a lay Catholic whose lifestyle was at odds with Catholic teaching, while Mitt Romney was a Mormon bishop, the highest level of the Mormon priesthood and pastor (unpaid) of his ward (parish). He not only had to be an example of good Mormonism, but was the one who wrote the temple recommends for the Mormons in his charge.

But how did he do his job in Massachusetts? How often did this emerge as an issue in practice? He was elected by the same voters who have re-elected Teddy Kennedy as their senator time and time again since 1962.

One thought on “Romney’s Faith

  1. Actually his press release said that his talk is about religious liberty (read, “Don’t ask me specific questions about my faith.”) If Romney does indeed talk about Mormonism, which he won’t, his campaign will tank. I’m not a supporter for reasons that have nothing to do with his faith, but if you think that he’s having problems in the South because of what people think they know about Mormonism, what do you think they would do if they actually knew, and from the horse’s mouth?
    Unrelated, the AP said he fired his illegal gardners today. Oh, the power of Rudy!


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