Indians and the “New Age”

Various branches of the “New Age” movement have sought to appropriate aspects of Native American spirituality.

The Native Americans whose rituals are being used are not happy.

This is a few years old, but still relevant: Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality. Reason?

… for too long we have suffered the unspeakable indignity of having our most precious Lakota ceremonies and spiritual practices desecrated, mocked and abused by non-Indian “wannabes,” hucksters, cultists, commercial profiteers and self-styled “New Age shamans” and their followers; …

… individuals and groups involved in “the New Age Movement,” in “the men’s movement,” in “neo-paganism” cults and in “shamanism” workshops all have exploited the spiritual traditions of our Lakota people by imitating our ceremonial ways and by mixing such imitation rituals with non-Indian occult practices in an offensive and harmful pseudo-religious hodgepodge ….

See also “Plastic Shaman.”