Cognitive Dissonance

The film office of the U. S. Catholic Bishops praises “Golden Compass,” the film version of a series of books whose author says his intent was to kill God (acknowledging occult elements)–while at the same time blasting the “anti-Catholicism” of the historical film, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” for its depiction of Spanish anti-Protestantism. Are they meaning to say that they prefer atheists who dabble in the occult to the historical perspective of other Christians?

Update: Bishop Jerry Listecki has sent a letter to his priests and catechists which is at odds with that review (though he says nothing about it).

Meanwhile, Guide magazine (a Seventh-day Adventist publication for younger teens) thinks Snopes says all that needs to be said.

Update: Not that it really matters. Rotten Tomatoes suggests the movie is a stinker — so we probably won’t have to worry about the sequels.

Update: Another Adventist perspective: The “Straw God” of the Golden Compass. Ken asks:

So, should Christians rise up in apoplectic alarm and boycott the movie? Picket the theaters? Should preachers pound their pulpits to splinters and Christian writers use gallons of ink to warn against this clear and direct opening salvo in a triple-gun attack on God? Some thoughts:

  • Both God and the Bible have been attacked for thousands of years—and by far more powerful and imposing foes than author Pullman. Yet God is unfazed, and the Bible is still the “anvil that wears out the hammers.”
  • If Christians rush into a “shock and awe” attack on the movie and books, experience shows that such a reaction only helps create a “forbidden fruit” aura that simply drives bigger crowds to the box office or bookstores.
  • Finally, and most important. The God Pullman is trying to attack doesn’t even exist. Pullman’s is a “straw god.” God is not a senile, anti-pleasure, unpleasant deity, as Pullman likes to characterize Him. Like so many atheists, Pullman has declared his own personal war on a god who is not, never was, and never will be.

5 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissonance

  1. Elizabeth was not a protestant, she was an oppertunist. The Anglican Church was born out of a desire to compromise, and that is what we see today. There is a lot more to the issue than tollerance, if Elizabeth was depicted historically then she would br raping and pillaging Ireland while Phillip is trying to save Ireland (I am glad he did not, I don’t speak Spanish half as well as I speak English 🙂 )

  2. Disclaimer: The above comment is by an Irishman who has certain biases toward the English of his own. 🙂

    The Church of England was birthed under Henry–but under Elizabeth it became Protestant.

  3. Hi, Bishop Cork. Not many Adventist posts on this movie. Just finished one at my blog and found yours here in checking around for others. GUIDE’s review was really daring, ah so?

  4. Bishop? Why not Cardinal? That has a better ring–even if I don’t wear a ring. I do have a red hat, though–my red voyageur’s toque.

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