Poland Remembers Luther

Polish Adventists join other Protestants in denouncing posters attacking Luther.

Protestant leaders in one of Poland’s largest cities have condemned a poster campaign denouncing Martin Luther, the 16th century German Protestant leader, as a blasphemer and heretic, a November 7 news release by Ecumenical News International reported.

“What would happen if someone hung placards outside a Catholic church attacking the ‘blasphemy and heresy of John Paul II,’ or the ‘blasphemy of Muhammad’ at a mosque?” said Mariusz Maikowski, a pastor of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Lublin in eastern Poland. “These actions are clearly illegal [in Poland], yet the local council has said and done nothing,” Maikowski told ENI.

The Organization of Polish Monarchists put up the posters to advertise a lecture series. They want to reestablish a Catholic kingdom.

The article concludes by noting:

The Adventist Central Church in Warsaw was the only Protestant church in the country that organized a celebration of the 490th anniversary of Reformation, said church sources in Poland.