ETS on “Open Theism”

I definitely wasn’t paying attention to matters of the Evangelical Theological Society the past few years … I missed their big battle over “Open Theism” in 2003 (mentioned in an article about this year’s ETS meetings by Ted Olsen). They had taken a vote on whether to expel Clark Pinnock and John Sanders (it failed). The issue then was this:

Open Theism claims that God created human beings with complete free will, that in doing so he took on genuine risks, that because of human freedom the future is indeterminate, and that God cannot know the future precisely, but only with varying degrees of probability. Most members of the ETS believe such teaching not only departs from the overwhelming testimony of Christian thinkers through the ages, but also calls into question God’s own accuracy in biblical prophecy. And if God can’t be counted on to be accurate as he speaks through his prophets, how can such beliefs be reconciled with the ETS’s commitment to biblical inerrancy?