Writer’s Block

You wouldn’t know it from the prolific prose on this blog, but I get writer’s block. A blog, of course, consists of thoughts that are provoked by something read on-line. It’s a very different process than writing an assigned article. I’ve been struggling with the latter for a couple of weeks. My brother Jason was coordinating a week’s worth of lessons for CQ, the Seventh-day Adventist young adult Bible Study guide. I only had to write one 950 word article, doing exegesis of some supplied texts. He gave me an extension from Friday’s deadline, and I finally got it knocked out this morning (after spending a couple of hours in the HBU library yesterday looking up some commentaries on Matthew 23).

Partly, I just didn’t have time to sit down and think quietly about it. The research helped, too, to broaden my vision. The difficulty lay in the fact that a group of texts were brought together that I wouldn’t have thought of connecting, and yet my task was to connect them. Jason now gets to take a look at it before passing it on to the CQ editors, who may do something else with it.

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