China and the Bible

Regarding the controversy over whether or not athletes will be able to take the Bible to the Olympic Village, Get Religion asks us not to miss an important point. China is saying athletes will be able to bring “a” Bible for “personal use.” No giving of a Bible–or any other literature that could be construed as in any way critical of China– to another person. China remains a land without freedom.

One thought on “China and the Bible

  1. As you know I have a little familiarity with this issue from a first hand experience. There are no Bibles for sale in China, nor are missionaries allowed to distribute them. Yet, there are Bibles in China. Many buy them in Chinese when they visit the US or other countries. And many read from websites that have translated the Bible. Even folks in high government positions have read the Bible and encourage their only child to do so, as well as encouraging that child to attend a Baptist university.

    I found that very interesting- despite the government’s strong attempts to stifle religion, the people themselves, even some in the government, will not be stifled. Yet, they all must keep it under their hats, so to speak. No one is actively searching for hidden Bibles anymore, as was routinely done during the Cultural Revolution, but everyone knows that one must not talk openly about religious curiosity or conversion.

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