A Story of Courage

I recently found on-line a book I first read when I was ten: Eric Kreye and Norma Youngberg, Under the Blood Banner (Pacific Press, 1968). Kreye is now a retired pastor, but as a boy in Hitler’s Germany he was in the Hitler Youth–yet his father was opposed to the Nazis, and helped hide a Jewish woman and her daughter, and assisted refugees. Kreye and his brother were born in the US, when the family was living in Michigan for a few years, and so had US citizenship and the boys came back to the US after the war.

Kreye writes in the introduction:

The primary purpose for sharing my personal story on the Internet, regardless of the age of the reader, is to show how this great and amazing God of the universe carefully guards and guides each person on Planet Earth!

My second purpose in sharing this experience is to help counteract the false belief today among some that the atrocities against the Jews during World War II are pure fabrication.

2 thoughts on “A Story of Courage

  1. Bill,

    What a surprise that you had found Eric Kreye’s book online, and that your link would be found by someone in Michigan and eventually find its way back to Eric Kreye!

    Eric and Arbie Kreye are my mother- and father in law. Thank you so much for visiting them during their stay there at M.D. Anderson there in Houston–they really appreciate it!

    Dave Cowles
    Professor of Biology
    Walla Walla University
    College Place, WA 99324

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