Schools and Parents and Kids

School gives girl detention for hugs. Girl and parents fight back. I’ve been fighting dumb school rules and bureaucratic attitudes since my kids were first in school. I could fill a blog. Latest–my son’s high school sabotaged his SAT test. The test administrator told him he had more time than he really did (he was…

War on Christmas?

Americans United is skeptical of the claims of some that there is a secular war on Christmas. I share their skepticism. In fact, I’d like to declare a “war on Christmas”–the secular/merchandising version of Christmas, that’s now in full swing before Halloween.

Today’s Tetzels

The Reformation began when a clergyman con-artist, John Tetzel, extorted money from the poor and the ignorant with the promise of salvation. Such con-games continue–and Senator Charles Grassley is investigating (thanks to prodding by Ole Anthony, editor of The Wittenburg Door). Press Release and Letters from Grassley.

Walter Reed Spam

Have you gotten urgent requests to send Christmas cards to “A Recovering American Soldier” at Walter Reed Army Medical Center? Ignore them. Walter Reed will just throw them away. Here’s the statement on the WRAMC webpage: Walter Reed Army Medical Center officials want to remind those individuals who want to show their appreciation through mail…