“Jesus – Still Too Radical?”


Story behind this picture, which was on a poster advertising a conference on the character of God. A commentary by Greg Boyd notes that the group organizing it, “Heavenly Sanctuary,”

… had contracts with several malls in the Seattle area to hang these posters advertising their conference, but no sooner had the posters gone up than angry calls began flooding the malls. Many people — but, it seems, mostly Christians — were offended at the image of Jesus washing Osama Bin Laden’s feet. There was such an outcry that each of the malls decided to go back on their contract and take the posters down. The Christian College that Heavenly Sanctuary was renting space from to host the Conference also canceled their contract. Brad had to scramble to find a secular venue (which, ironically, had no problems with the poster).

News report.

Update: Boyd has further reflections.

3 thoughts on ““Jesus – Still Too Radical?”

  1. I wonder how many, 2500 years ago, were offended by the story of Nebuchadnezzar getting saved? Or maybe they were just satisfied to hear he had to eat grass first . . .

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