A Culture of Death

What does it say about our society when it celebrates the killing of something rare–simply because it is rare? Story.

“The Communion of the Saints”

Christianity Today publishes an extract from John E. Colwell’s book, The Rhythm of Doctrine: A Liturgical Sketch of Christian Faith and Faithfulness. Colwell thinks evangelicals should adopt Catholic teaching on the communion of saints. They should be seen not merely as “witnesses” who testified to the faith in their lives, but as “witnesses”–spectators–of our lives,…

Jewish Book Fair Time

The 35th Annual Jewish Book & Arts Fair began October 28 and continues through November 11 at the Jewish Community Center in Houston. The program is filled with lectures, movies, musical performances–and they have lots of books for sale, as always.

Garry Wills

Sigh. What are we to say about Garry Wills? His latest opinion piece is in the Los Angeles Times: “Abortion Isn’t a Religious Issue.” He begins, The right-to-life people hold that it is as strong a point of religion as any can be. It is religious because the Sixth Commandment (or the Fifth by Catholic…