The Legionaries of Christ

The Legionaries of Christ are suing a noted critic, former Legionary priest John Paul Lennon (REGAIN), demanding that he return certain secret documents, including the order’s constitution, norms for etiquette, etc. Why these things should be secret in the first place is a mystery.

Reportedly, the Vatican has directed the order to get rid of a couple of secrets–its private vows:

1. Never to desire, seek or scheme to obtain responsibilities or positions in the congregation for himself or others. …

2. Never to criticize externally the acts of government or the person of any director or superior of the congregation by word, in writing or any other way. And if he knows for certain that a religious has broken this commitment, to inform the latter’s immediate superior.

Links: Life-After-RC, National Catholic Reporter article, Washington Post.

One thought on “The Legionaries of Christ

  1. My experience with this group is disconcerting. My nephew joined at the end of a discernment retreat and never went back home. Wasn’t allowed to attend his sister’s wedding nor my son’s and waited in the rectory while the ceremony/sacrament took place. He seems stilted and very programed. They approached our home many time because we have 4 sons. I finally visited the apostolic school with one to satify their need and hope they would back off a little. My six grader at the end of a day said he thought he should just stay, it was were he belonged. It freaked me so we left with a big dust could behind us. It was an eirrie experience. My connection with my sister the mother of the Legionare are strained because of the misgivings I have.

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