Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Schools

Sexual Misconduct Plagues US Schools; AP Finds 2,500 Teachers Punished in 5 Years.

Young people were the victims in at least 1,801 of the cases, and more than 80 percent of those were students. At least half the educators who were punished by their states also were convicted of crimes related to their misconduct.

The findings draw obvious comparisons to sex abuse scandals in other institutions, among them the Roman Catholic Church. A review by America’s Catholic bishops found that about 4,400 of 110,000 priests were accused of molesting minors from 1950 through 2002.

Clergy abuse is part of the national consciousness after a string of highly publicized cases. But until now, there’s been little sense of the extent of educator abuse.

Beyond the horror of individual crimes, the larger shame is that the institutions that govern education have only sporadically addressed a problem that’s been apparent for years.

I don’t recall having seen that 4,400 figure for priests. That’s 4%–a staggering figure.

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  1. I think that number is from the John Jay study, which is frequently cited on the Catholic League website. Their take is that the sexual abuse crisis isn’t so bad, since “only” 4% have been accused.

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