Paganism Baptized

Article in the Houston Chronicle on the cult of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and an exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Cut-line on picture says:

The pageantry of ancient Aztec tradition blends with the banners of the day to honor the earth mother Guadalupe-Tonantzin.

Photographer Diana Molina comments:

“She represents light, earth and our universe,” the photographer said. “Our universe includes Mexicans, American, Christians, Muslims — that is the bigger picture we have to look at.”

The Virgin, she said, is also a symbol of womanhood throughout time — from ancient to modern — and representative of the environment and our responsibility to it.

“That is ultimately what the symbol of the Virgin of Guadalupe stands for: Mother Earth and the natural world, and the mother, the epitome of motherhood and the mother of all life.”