8 thoughts on “Right or Left Brain?

  1. I could only see the figure spinning clockwise and couldn’t get my brain to register otherwise until I glanced at the figure with my peripheral vision. However, once the switch occurred, I still couldn’t make the figure switch back as long as I was fixed on it.


  2. I couldn’t see it counter-clockwise, either, until I started deciding whether she was pivoting on her right leg or her left… that’s the key for me. If you ‘throw yourself into it’, imagining the kinesthetic sense of spinning, I think that provides the bias as to right or left.

  3. Um, nothing to do with right-left brain. This is actually a hoax. She is only spinning one direction at a time, but occasionally changes directions.

  4. That is not true. You can open the gif in an animation program to see that. It is 34 frames, and they cycle continuously. Try watching it with someone next to you, and you’ll see the different responses people have.

  5. Huh, on further reflection, you’re right. I can now make her spin either direction at will. Pretty freaky…thanks for giving me something to waste time at work on 🙂

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