Pittsburgh Protest against Display of Human Corpses

From a reader …

Elaine Catz, was the science education coordinator at the Carnegie Science Center quit her job in June because of what her professional research unearthed about the Bodies exhibits.

Recently, as she considered the fact that the production companies view even negative publicity as publicity, she decided to host a Virtual Protest. Please consider joining the virtual picket line. Its very easy to sign. Because today is opening day for the Pittsburgh exhibit, the timeliness of this action will have some opportunity to make a real difference.


From Elaine:

I’ve decided that protesting in front of CSC is just going to give the Science Center more publicity.

So, here’s my plan. I spent the day creating a web site: Anti-Bodies Exhibits – a Virtual Picket Line

Let’s see how many people I can get to ‘virtually picket’.

If I get a big enough list, I’ll see about printing it in the newspapers.

So – tomorrow’s (Monday) is the big day. Now we can start counting the days until the exhibit leaves PA.


The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh has gone on record as supporting this traffic in human flesh, this macabre display which mocks human dignity. In doing so, they are in opposition to the dioceses of Europe which opposed the similar “Body Worlds” exhibit. (See also Curt Jester).