2 thoughts on “Bishop Pelotte

  1. This is so very sad. It sure sounds like his injuries affected his brain. Let us pray for his recovery and for the diocese to do right by him.

  2. don’t normally respond to news stories but the story about Bishop Pelotte sounds exactly like my father’s illness. He suffered from Lewy-Body Dementia or

    Parksinson’s Dementia. He has a sister that is beginning to see people in her house. My father was brilliant and his condition varied from minute to minute

    or day to day. He had vivid dreams and they were as real to him as life. He also made a police report about cult members (3 feet tall) in his house. These patients only see people or animals. My dear father passed away in March. I miss our talks so much, even if they were not my reality. My father also suffered from falls and blood pressure fluctuates as in Shy-Drager. It is hard to see a story like this, it could have easily have been about my father and these patients are aware that things are not right. There is no cure and most medication tends to make it worse. It is a cruel disease that worsens with time. My father suffered from RBD for 15 years before he started seeing things.

    Angela Wyatt

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