Church Planting = Evangelism

Via Just Pastors, CT article–Go and Plant Churches of All Peoples: Crusades and personal witnessing are no longer the cutting edge of evangelism.

Crusades haven’t disappeared, and churches still teach personal witness. But today, church planting is the default mode for evangelism. Go to any evangelical denomination, ask them what they are doing to grow, and they will refer you to the church-planting office. I have talked to Southern Baptists, General Conference Baptists, the Evangelical Free Church, the Assemblies of God, the Foursquare Church, the Acts 29 network, and a variety of independent practitioners and observers. I quit going to more because they all said the same thing: “We’re excited and committed to church planting. It’s the cutting edge.”

2 thoughts on “Church Planting = Evangelism

  1. Church planting is certainly something I started hearing about literally on day one of my tenure at Andrews University seminary, particularly in classes taught by then-professor Russell Burrill. That was ’98-’01, and I wonder how many more years it will be before it sinks in for enough leaders here in North America.

  2. It has sunk in in some places, notably the Texas Conference. We’re hosting a church planting workshop next month–and Burrill will be the keynoter. I’ll be giving a talk about young adults–noting that if we concentrate on suburban church plants, we will miss the young adults.

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