Ticketmaster Evangelism …?

Rob Bell is having another tour. Charging $13-$17 (plus Ticketmaster service fee) for tickets. One listing adds: “EVERYONE MUST have a ticket INCLUDING infants.”

Did Jesus charge admission …? Did he require tickets? Or security? Or special accommodations? Any of the things that various “evangelists” or “religious leaders” demand today?

4 thoughts on “Ticketmaster Evangelism …?

  1. Bill,

    I agree with you that in today’s society sometimes there’s the tendency to put a price on the Gospel – I mean I know plenty of people who are more concerned about making money than they are about serving the Lord. Though I’m not really a Rob Bell fan, I think you have to also acknowledge the fact that Jesus didn’t have to pay for a venue, air conditioning, etc. I don’t think requiring a ticket (which I assume is for security purposes) and a modest fee of $17 is outrageous. We pay this to go and see a movie or two but yet when its done under the guise of Christian entertainment then all of a sudden we have a problem with cost. I think its a double standard, especially considering that these individuals do this full time and have a right to receive renumeration for their time and talent. If the cost was $75 a person then I could understand frustration but I’m really not seeing it here. Hey, put Rob in an open field with no security and no air conditioning, etc. and make it free. I suspect on a 100 degree evening, the crowd would be rather light.

  2. Then maybe he should meet in churches that might invite him? Or if he wants to speak to unchurched people, that the church foot the bill?

    But in a sense you are right. This is a minor example. I could give many more flagrant examples, Catholic and Protestant.

  3. You seem to be implying that Bell is doing this for money. What you fail to mention is that at the bottom of the website you link to it says that the “Net proceeds from the tour will be given to the Turame microfinance project.”

    If you dig a little further you’ll also find out that his last tour resulted in a $65,000 donation to Wateraid who gets water to 3rd world countries (link).

    Would you be less critical if it were called the such and such “fundraiser” instead of “tour”?

    Maybe I’m just misunderstanding the point of the post though…

  4. Ah. Yes, down at the bottom of the page I do see that. “Net” after what, though?

    But whether he personally gets all the money isn’t the thing–it’s the rock star atmosphere that seems to be implied through this approach that I find offensive. And whether it is John Paul II or Rob Bell or Benny Hinn, I don’t see it as the methodology of Jesus.

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