A Student Perspective

From the UMass Collegian:

Every time a moderately controversial speaker comes to UMass, there seems to be no shortage of student protesters to accompany the event. The Republican Club knows that they cannot sponsor a lecture without some group somewhere on campus finding a relatively creative way to disrupt it. Maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention, but as far as I know, the protesters have yet to have a major encounter with the UMass cops.

So why is it that University of Florida student Andrew Meyers was arrested and then Tasered for asking too many questions at a Q & A forum with Senator John Kerry? I have seen kids like Meyers at every speech I have gone to on campus. He was annoying, he was obnoxious and he was just a little bit too eager. To UMass students, this should sound like a pretty familiar situation – obnoxious kid won’t stop pestering the guest speaker.

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the YouTube.com video of Meyers being arrested. He was asking Kerry some pointless questions about Yale, he was obviously still really upset about Kerry’s ’04 loss, and then suddenly the cops were forcefully arresting him. Apparently his microphone had been turned off as kind of a way nice way of telling him to shut up.

So the cops tried to arrest Meyers, who was flailing his body around in resistance and was shouting over and over, “What did I do?” Which is exactly what I was wondering. Besides asking too many questions, what did he do?