James Swan on Systematic Theology and Catholic Converts

James Swan quotes Cornelius Van Til, who sees the study of systematic theology as an antidote to any heresy; Swan then asks,

… how many Catholic converts previously went to churches with strong systematic confessions of faith, like the Westminster Confession, and how often were they taught the confession, like in a Sunday School class, and how well did their minister cover all the doctrines in the confession of faith? I would expect some rather weak answers.

Well, in fact many celebrity converts to Catholicism were steeped in the Reformed confessions and the sort of systematic theology propounded by Van Til. They brought the Reformed method of apologetics to the Catholic church–in the latter case I speak of PCA folks like Hahn, Matatics, Sungenis. In fact, they brought to Catholic theology Van Til’s unique contribution to apologetics–presuppositionalism. What Van Til here argues is in fact a feature of his apologetics–he’s presupposing the accuracy of the Reformed package. His Catholic disciples presuppose the authority of the Church.

And I wonder, does Swan really want to argue that people should be so indoctrinated in a particular person’s systematic theology or a particular confession of faith so that the evidence of Scripture is rendered of none effect? Is this not an abandonment of sola Scriptura?