“The Mainstreaming of Pornography”

ABC article on the new TV season, and a new emphasis on “explicit sex.” It generates “buzz” among insiders even before the shows air.

But it is precisely this sort of artistic and marketing myopia that leads Hollywood into the missteps that seem to dog each development season, says Ted Baehr, critic and Chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission. The failure rate of new shows is extremely high, he points out. At a time when the film industry is discovering the power of family fare at the box office and forming new faith-based and family divisions, he says TV is heading into more graphic, extreme material that is alienating many viewers.

“The 150 million Americans who go to church don’t want to see this kind of material,” says the critic.

Baehr says TV writers need to stop writing to impress their peers and pay more attention to normal, real people whose lives are not dominated by “kinky, sexual behavior.”