Catholic Liturgy Battles

Some things from Fr. John Z.

Canadian Catholics have been using the NRSV for many years; the Vatican has now given final approval to their practice. American Catholics, meanwhile, are forbidden from using it, and must suffer through the abominable New American Bible.

Archbishop Pilarczyk of Cincinnati is adding layers of requirements to priests who want to celebrate the Tridentine mass. He wants priests to demonstrate that they can actually understand the Latin they are saying. Fr. John Z. points out that Cardinal Egan of New York, on the other hand, thinks it enough if priests can merely pronounce the words correctly, even if they don’t understand them.

3 thoughts on “Catholic Liturgy Battles

  1. On the other hand, Cardinal Egan sites the priest’s lack of fluency in Lithuanian as a reason for closing Our Lady of Vilnius in New York. Why does he hold two different standards, one for Latin and one for the vernacular?

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