Rolheiser’s Spirituality

National Catholic Reporter carries an interview with Ron Rolheiser–“Spirituality: Infinite Spirits in a Finite World.”

He’s asked to define spirituality.

We humans are infinite spirits in a finite situation, and that’s a sure formula for restlessness: You want to make love to the whole human race, you want to consume the planet but you’re confined to one person, one place. Our deepest identity as human beings is that we are the image and likeness of God; that there are powerful, godly energies inside that we experience in our sexuality, our restlessness, in powerful appetites. These energies — this divine fire — make up our spirit. How we direct that spirit is spirituality.

No, we aren’t “infinite spirits”–that can only be said of God. Nor are we spirits confined in the finite–that’s common to gnosticism and Platonism, but not Biblical Christianity. Christian spirituality isn’t about “directing” some “divine fire” within us, it’s about living out our relationship with the Holy Spirit, and following his lead.

2 thoughts on “Rolheiser’s Spirituality

  1. Rolheiser is crazy. His new book “The Holy Longing” advises priests NOT to say the prayer of absolution when hearing confession…he claims it’s superfluous. And guess where he teaches? Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, where Assumption Seminary sends its priests for theological formation.

  2. Hey Jake “Holy Longing” is not a “new” book, in fact it is probably 5 years old if not older. It is a spirituality book not a priest’s manual. In case you did not know he is not just “teaching” he is president of the school!

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