Religion in Schools

Governor Rick Perry came down to Sugar Land yesterday to sign HB 3678. Well, he signed it officially in June–this was PR. The intent of the bill is to ensure that the freedom of speech and religion of students is not curtailed, as it has been in some places.

Some groups don’t see it that way–they imagine you can only protect “religious freedom” by stifling the freedom of some. They appear to want to silence children on the playground and in the classroom, lest some other children hear something that their parents disagree with.

Now, on the whole, the bill seems to strike the right balance to me. It preserves the rights and freedoms of students, while limiting the action of the school. That’s what freedom is all about.

But others point out some concerns in other areas of the bill, especially in the “model policy.” Did it really need to get into defining forums where students should speak, and proposing a convoluted process for selecting them? Is this just a subterfuge to get prayer into graduations and football games? We’ll see what the courts do with this.