Strange Doings in Gallup

From Rocco Palmo, a strange series of links.

The Most Rev. Donald E. Pelotte, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Gallup, New Mexico, fell down the stairs on or about July 23.

According to police and diocese statements, that night Pelotte suffered massive wounds to almost every part of his body. This includes heavy bruising across his face, arms, knuckles, elbows, legs and his feet. The police report also stated that his right eye was swollen shut.

It would appear he was beaten up. Badly. That was what the police report suspected. Some are skeptical of the diocesan line that he fell down the stairs. They apparently find that explanation kind of like the country song with the refrain, “That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.”

Two years ago the bishop was the subject of a death threat in a very bizarre and convoluted case.

The Gallup Independent editorializes that this should have been enough reason for the police department to investigate the incident thoroughly; instead, the police refused to examine the house, even though the diocesan chancellor invited them to. The police, says the paper, appear reluctant to probe, and all too happy to accept the diocese’s explanation. The editorial warns: “The Church can no longer spoon feed the news media with its version of false truth.”

2 thoughts on “Strange Doings in Gallup

  1. For heaven’s sake, could the Independent consider things calmly and from every angle, like good journalism is supposed to? None of knows the Bishop’s medical history. Suppose he was on blood thinners (aspirin would suffice), fainted, and tumbled down a flight of stairs while unable to protect himself? “Heavy bruising” is exactly what he would sustain. It could be as simple as that.
    Now please, Independent…enough of this sensationalism!

  2. Bishop Donald Pelotte returned today, Sept. 20 to continue his recovery (rehab) in Gallup. He will not be returning to his duties at this point and there isn’t a deadline set for when that might happen (if ever).

    According to the Chancellor’s Blog, there will also be no more medical updates either because all that can or will be done has already happened.

    Praying for his continued recovery and for the people of the Diocese to try and make sense of what happened with the short, cryptic notes released once a week.

    God bless us everyone!

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