Keith Green after 25 Years

I was first introduced to Christian recording artist Keith Green in 1978, through a fellow student at Broadview Academy, who sent me a tape with “Asleep in the Light” on it. I began subscribing to his Last Days Newsletter with issue number two or three. The first album of I got was “So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt,” which he was offering for freewill offering. I was looking forward to seeing him in concert in Providence Rhode Island in the fall of 1982, but he died in a plane crash on July 28, 1982. Some months later we attended the memorial concert held in Providence, at which his widow, Melody, presented the mission message that was on his heart at the time of his death.

In subsequent years my brother Dan was also to become interested in his music and the newsletter, which continued to be produced by Melody. Dan was bit by the mission bug and went to the ministry training school in Lindale, TX, and that’s what took him to the Holy Land for the first time, where he fell in love with the place and the people.

A couple of years ago I replaced my worn cassettes with CDs, and introduced my kids to Keith’s music.

Today, Houston Chronicle has an article about the anniversary of his death, update on what’s been going on with his wife, and plans for release of additional recordings. I hadn’t followed the ministry in many years, so I was very surprised to read of Melody’s divorce from her second husband.

Albums, with samples.

Here’s a YouTube video of 11-year-old Keith on the TV show, “I’ve Got a Secret.” A series of videos: The Keith Green Story.

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  1. I saw Keith Green twice at my church in El Paso. The first may have even been before his “Your Love Broke Through” album. His performance of that title song in concert, just his voice and piano, still leaves chills. A brilliant mind. An awesome talent.

    He was also very, very funny. His music and in-between-song talk together made for the best concerts.

    Bill, did you ever hear Second Chapter of Acts or (the converted) Barry McGuire in concert?

  2. I never went to a concert by 2nd Chapter of Acts (though I recall their albums, and the Keith Green connection is his recording of their “Easter Song”); I did hear Barry McGuire in concert with Terry and John Michael Talbot a couple years ago.

  3. A couple of stories here . . .

    I spent a couple of evenings at Keith Green’s house while he was still living in Woodland Hills. At this point he was starting to get well known, and was still going to the Vineyard. He would let just about any one (I proved that) in for dinner, then a bible study, and a little music. Rather earnest, good teacher. His anti-Catholicism was not as evident then as it became later. Some of his music still holds up well, though.

    Some years later, I was installing some new systems at a printing facility in Salem, Oregon. I did the coding in a rather nice motel room there during the day, then worked at the plant in the evenings. One day I was sitting in the lobby with my back to a sunlit window, waiting for the maid to finish my room when someone I almost recognized walked up to the front desk. He commented on my enjoying the sun and I responded that I had been missing it in Oregon but it was warm where I lived in the San Joaquin Valley. He responded that he lived in Fresno and traveled through Merced, where I lived, quite a lot.

    Then he introduced himself as Barry McGuire and then Terry Talbot walked up and we had a three way discussion. (It turned out that we had a lot of friends in common.) The result was a McGuire Talbot concert in a Catholic church. Nice guys, and Barry still lives in Fresno, I hear.

  4. I just placed a post on a forum about Keith’s ministry. I can’t say enough about the man and his ministry. No, he wasn’t perfect. He searched over the years in his young life for the truth. He discovered the truth he was looking for in Holy Bible and preached, “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified” with a zeal and fire in his belly. My husband and I often talk of what Keith would be like today in ministry. As far as I am concerned, he was a solid teacher in the last days of his life. I am still, if not more, blessed by his music.

    I agree with “EV” above, “A brilliant mind. An awesome talent”. And, yes, “his voice and piano still brings chills” to me as well.

  5. I was at LDM for 5 years during that time was when Melody married her second husband. All I can say it was a mistake and please don’t judge her. She’s a woman after God’s heart. She loves people and Jesus! The hardships she’s been through has made her faith strong and she’s an example to so many!

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