More on the MP and the Jews

Fr. Thomas Rausch of Loyola Marymount comments on the interfaith implications of the motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI permitting greater use of the 1962 Missale Romanum.

On the other hand, here is a “Traditionalist Catholic” article, originally published in Seattle Catholic. The author maintains that

the Latin phrase “perfidus Iudaeus”, found in the Good Friday liturgy of the Missale Romanum of Pope St. Pius V, is an inalienable and just part of Catholic liturgy, theology, and ecclesiastical writings, and its proper use a work of charity, justice and mercy to the Jewish people.

One thought on “More on the MP and the Jews

  1. The word “perfidious” means “unfaithful”? I think “treacherous” is closer. To me, at least, the term in this context has implied malice, not simple unbelief.

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