Campmeeting 2.0–On the Millennium and the End of Sin

Next installment in the series on “Blogging the 28,” is by Ed Guzman — ethical implications of the Adventist version of premillenialism. Here’s a snippet:


The kingdom is to be established at the final new creation, in contrast to being established on this present earth via institutional powers. The implication being that enmeshing ourselves within the political structures of this “world”, or “tinkering”, will not bring about the new kingdom on this earth. The assent to a premillennial Parousia is foundational to the ethic of maintaining institutional non-endorsement of political entities. This teaching has informed the actions of the institutional structure of the church, allowing it to avoid the compromising positions that other religious movements have created by aligning themselves with certain political and economic interests. Yet, there is still room for extra-institutional political involvement, what is not proffered is a sense that change within political structures will bring about the kingdom of God.