SSPX Remains Firm

The Guardian, in an article about Saturday’s release of the Motu Proprio, quotes Bishop Fellay of the SSPX:

The society’s current leader, Bishop Bernard Fellay, has said the situation “will be practically unchanged” unless the return to the old Mass is accompanied by an “in-depth discussion” with the Vatican on key doctrinal issues that also emerged from Vatican II.

“Ecumenism, religious liberty and collegiality remain the points of contention over which we will not budge,” Fellay wrote earlier this year.

2 thoughts on “SSPX Remains Firm

  1. What a surprise. My impression has always been that the only gesture that would genuinely get Fellay to the negotiating table would be unconditional surrender.

  2. Augustine was right about the deepest motivation for schism: the same pride that occasioned the fall, amor sui usque ad contemptum Dei.

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