Sanctimonious XVI and the Holy Brotherhood Magpie X’S.

Gotta love those free web translators. Run this page through this translator and you get the above result.

Note: A reader alerted me to that. I’m having a very boring Fourth of July without my family, but I’m not that bored. 😉

4 thoughts on “Sanctimonious XVI and the Holy Brotherhood Magpie X’S.

  1. This is the one I use for email and have not had any complaints so far.

    I cleaned out my closet this afternoon and came across 2 shoe boxes full of negatives. Took me a few hours to glance at them all. I was looking for Pam’s first baby pictures and believe it or not I found them! Now my back hurts from hunching over for so long! Guess you were not the only one who was bored today!

  2. Well, on that one Benoît XVI becomes Benoit XVI and Fraternité Saint-Pie X becomes Fraternity Saint-Magpie X.

  3. Sounds like a rap group MC’d by Archbishop Cosmo Lang of Canterbury with backup from the Convocations of Canterbury and York. Special guest appearance by the Notorious P.B. and the Murray Hill Gang – made up of Henry St. George Tucker as MC, Kilmer Myers on the “beatbox,” James Pike on the soapbox, and a teenage Carter Heywood singing “My Humps.”

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