De Coena Domini

Rorate Caeli has some pictures of different celebrations of the mass, playing upon the distinction that purportedly will be made by Pope Benedict XVI between the 1970 missal as the “ordinary” celebration and the 1962 missal as “extraordinary.” Via WDTPRS.

Here’s my favorite picture of the Lord’s Supper:


One thought on “De Coena Domini

  1. The Anglican/Episcopalians have being using a number of rites for years. The crypto gay misogynists use the older rite while the lunatic fringe use the newer one (with apologies to the balanced Episcopalians out there). I know people who fear that the Church will split along the high/low lines if the older form of the Roman Rite becomes more widely available. I am not a fan of this MP the indult was working fine, except for the bishops who were SOBs about it. Perhaps it would have been much better for the Holy Father to address the bishops and tell them to use the indult.

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