Camp Meeting 2.0

It’s summer, and camp meeting season in the Adventist world. My wife and kids left this morning for three weeks in Vermont, which will include a detour to Freeport, Maine, for the Northern New England Conference camp meeting. It’s an old-fashioned affair, with folks staying in tents and meetings under the “big top.” (And there will be obligatory side pilgrimages to L. L. Bean).

The folks at Spectrum blog are updating camp meeting for the internet age with Campmeeting 2.0: Bloggin’ the 28 Adventist beliefs. Several of us have volunteered to post articles, and we’ve been asked to look at how these beliefs translate into action. We are each directing our readers to the blog of that day’s contributor, and shutting off our comments so that the discussion is carried out in one place. First up is Ron Osborn on the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.