A Profile in Courage … and Shame

60 Minutes profiled Joe Darby tonight, the MP who broke open the Abu Ghraib scandal when he turned in CDs with photos. He’s considered a hero by most of the world–but not to many vocal people in his hometown of Cumberland, MD. The Army was so afraid for him that they told him not to go home. He’s been called a “traitor” by some, including Colin Engelbach, the head of the Cumberland VFW post, and by others commenting below the article on that webpage.
Traitor? Darby did the right thing. He was an MP who reported a crime.

The 60 Minutes story wasn’t fair to Cumberland, though. Darby’s MySpace page includes a letter from the mayor and city council of Cumberland supporting him. The Cumberland Times-News also reported on support–as well as angry letters the town and newspaper got after the 60 Minutes story first aired in December 2006.