It seems CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has had membership problems since 9-11. The Washington Times reports they’ve lost 90% of their members since then, dropping from 29,000 to 1,700.

Charles W. Teel, Jr.

Some of my Adventist readers will be familiar with the name of Charles W. Teel, Jr. He’s a professor at La Sierra University (which was the La Sierra Campus of Loma Linda University during my time there in ’84-’85). I first got acquainted with Charles at midnight one night toward the end of my Freshman…

Saving the World from Global Warming

Denver has a plan to save the world. Among other provisions, “penalizing heavy users of electricity and natural gas and basing auto insurance premiums on the number of miles traveled.”

Catholic Theological Society of America

John Allen took a break from covering such mundane matters as the meeting of George Bush and Pope Benedict XVI to cover the meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America. He has a series of reports at NCR. The CTSA was addressed by an ELCA theologian, Michael Root of Southern Seminary, who pointed out…