“Three Cheers for Dear Old Broadview …”

After 98 years, Broadview Academy has closed. Its alma mater will be learned by no more alumni. It had 78 students this year, 58 students last year. The webpage already has an epitaph look (1909-2007), having graduated its last class. I attended my junior year, 1977-1978. Its last principal, Randy Siebold, was a senior that year (we had art class together). There were 68 graduates that year–a much happier and healthier time in the school’s history.

It wasn’t my happiest year of high school–I had better experiences in public school. But I have some fond memories of friendships, including Sharon Anderson Wilson, who was also a classmate at AUC, and Dave Penner (then a young history teacher, now head of Newbold College in England). Reading through the yearbook brings back many memories. My first jobs–working in the cafeteria and at Harris Pine Mills. My first date–it was a formal dinner, a “Sadie Hawkins” affair, and I notice that tucked away in the yearbook is the boutonniere given to me by Sue Hart.

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