Al Qaeda Alive and Well

FBI noting increased “chatter.”

The success or failure of Bush’s policy in Afghanistan and Iraq can really be judged by one criterion: Did he succeed in diminishing the threat of terrorism, or did he rally more recruits to the terrorists’ cause?

Does any one think the answer to that question is debatable?

5 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Alive and Well

  1. True. But it’s also possible (and based on some of the arrests that we know about, even likely) that attacks have been twarted in the planning stage.

    Either way, you (rhetorically) asked if Bush’s terrorism record is debatable, and my point is (and remains) that it certainly is.

  2. I’d also vigorously dispute the title of your post, considering that we *do* know that we’ve substantially reduced the number of upper-mid and upper-level al-Qaeda operatives. “The Base” may be alive, but “well”? Not so much.

  3. Bush’s actions are clearly leading tens of thousands of young people in the Arab world to hate us. And they are forming their own organizational structures. And they are connecting with Al-Qaeda. It’s alive and well and as dangerous as ever–and we have George Bush to thank.

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