The War on English …?

Johnny Ramirez links to Google Current video on the current Congressional debate on immigration. The video includes an interview with a Minuteman leader who is very concerned about growing bilingualism, especially in California. She thinks serious steps need to be taken to end this “verbal attack.” Including, she says, renaming some American cities ….

7 thoughts on “The War on English …?

  1. I’ll never understand people who are willing to deny history and deprive themselves of educational opportunities just to make a political statement.

  2. Hmm, cant wait ’till they translate El Passo, Amarillo and Corpus Christi! And what about Montana & Colorado? Not to mention places that have Native American names?

  3. As an American living in Canada I’ve often noted that America is actually the more bilingual country. In Canada, French is hardly used outside of Quebec and New Brunswick, but even in rural America (and increasingly in Canada too) people must know a little Spanish to be able to communicate with their co-workers and employees.

  4. People like that just frustrate me. I found I learned more English studying Russian than I ever learned in all my English classes. When learning the rules of a new language, you can no longer rely on what sounds right. And the easiest way to explain those rules is to use examples from the native language. This forced me to look at English from a different perspective.

  5. Some people just can’t tell when they’re being mocked. Thing is, of course, American history is full of immigrants who took awhile to learn English (in the book Little House on the Prairie Laura can’t communicate with a boy who only knows Norwegian), and old Polish and Italian grandmothers who never did. By the second generation everybody’s speaking Ingles. For example, the vast majority of Latin immigrants even give their kids Anglo names.

  6. The bilingual debate really needs to be a sword that cuts both ways. On the one hand, this is indeed an English speaking nation. We should not have to publish everything in multipule languages. This means that anyone wishing to live here should be required to learn the English language. (It would be that person’s 2nd language.) They are free to speak their own, but they are to learn English as a 2nd language.

    On the other hand, we do our own children a tremendous disservice when we fail to teach them a 2nd language as is done in just about every other 1st/2nd world country. We do ourselves a disservice (& I include myself in this), when we fail to learn a 2nd language ourselves. So, the remedy, part of every grade school cirriculum should include a 2nd language for the English speaking students.

    So the bottom line, FWIW, I have no problem with “bilingual education”: Every foreigner who wishes to live in this country, without exception learns the English language. Every natural born, English speaking citizen, learns a 2nd language in school.

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