2 thoughts on ““Death by Veganism”?

  1. I wrote to the NY Times as well as to the author as it is obvious she knows nothing about nutrition. The baby’s death sounds like plain neglect to me. Many babies have to be given a soy milk formula due to allergies, etc. and they thrive.

    There is so much information out there about how meat and dairy products are linked to heart disease, diabetes, etc.

  2. Well for what it’s worth for the two years or so while I was full vegan I regularly turned to boca burgers for protein. It’s what my dietitian suggested. Now I’m eating cheese and stuff again (but I’m through with milk) and I don’t spend as much time caring about the nutritional value of my food.

    All and all I’m a really unhealthy, overweight vegetarian who eats too much fried food. IMHO being vegetarian is good. Being healthy is better. Being a healthy vegan/ vegetarian is best!

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